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Tara's jewellery in mylapore was started by TARA in the year 2001 with a view to become a successful women enterpruener by catering to needs of todays women who are facing great challanges wearing the real gold jewellery for safety, fashion and cost reasons.

Tara Vinod, being married to a family of jewellers decided to do it with dedication with the support of their in-laws and the expertise of other family members. She deviated from traditional gold jewellery business and started selling one gram gold forming. The range of jewellery in Tara's are one gram gold forming jewellery, silver jewellery, victorian jewellery, Cubic zircon jewellery, Beaded jewellery in precious and semi-precious beads and also does gold jewellery on orders.

Tara's jewellery offers a wide range of the mentioned jewellery in bangles, necklaces, pendent sets, bracelets, anklet, hair pins, saree pins, head sets, bridal sets and other accessories in ethnic and contemporary designs. Taras jewellery also offers silver jewellery done by different designers from across the country. Tara's jewellery has organised exhibitions in different parts of india and abroad and knows the liking of the people and caters according to all walks of people from the elite to the common. At Tara's jewellery emphesis is laid on the intricate finish and quality of the jewellery. These jewellery are done by skilled craftsman with utmost care and all the jewellery comes with a guarantee. Another first in Tara's jewellery is customers can exchange their old zari sarees for one gram gold forming jewellery at the best offer for their sarees. She also caters in wholesale of these kind of jewellery for women who want to become successful enterprueners. At Taras customers can get their full satisfaction and value for money for the jewellery they purchase.

We also undertake polishing works for all gold, forming, beaded jewels.